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 World-TDM: Turf Wars

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PostSubject: World-TDM: Turf Wars   Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:33 am

Introducing to everyone, World-TDM Turf System v.1.0.

This turf system is a unique cutting edge way to ensure the ultimate TDM experience with the workings of interiors and a basic point system. Many of you may be asking how exactly the turf system works, well here's a quick overview of how it does.

= Owned property, gained through a turf-war.

= Un-owned property that can be taken over through turf-war.

Turf-Wars themselves are fought inside the property. To gain a turf, you must first generate the marked amount of points, displayed at the top of your screen once inside any turf. Points are added every (3)three minuets, by anyone inside the turf at the end of the 3 minuet timer. Points are based on kills. 1 Kill = 2 Points.

In order for a faction to sucessfully capture a property, all the required points will have to be obtained. When rival factions are inside the property at the end of the timer, the points of that faction will be subtracted from the points your faction has already gained, so you better kill them fast if you want the turf!

The higher number of points required tells you how big that turf is. The bigger the turf the more guns, special items and cash you can collect from the crates inside.

Items inside the crates are refilled/refreshed every (10)ten minuets that the turf is owned by a faction.  

Watch in HD!
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World-TDM: Turf Wars
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