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 GTA Online Crew Application

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PostSubject: GTA Online Crew Application   Fri Jun 05, 2015 4:20 am

Just copy and paste these questions (with your answers) into this thread and I will reply to the thread as soon as I get to them.

  1. What is your rockstar social club username? Steam?

  2. What time zone/country?

  3. Are you active in any other GTA Online crew? If so, which?

  4. How long have you played GTA V?

  5. What other GTA titles have you played?

  6. Are you interested in SAMP?

  7. Do you have skype and are willing to join a skype group?

  8. How many hours are you willing to spend in GTA Online per week?

  9. Have you ever been VAC banned?

  10. Did you read the brief synopsis on nWo? (Thread in this forum)

  11. Include KDR/rank/bank balance screenshots here.

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GTA Online Crew Application
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