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 World-TDM: The Basics

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PostSubject: World-TDM: The Basics   Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:52 am

Introduction!: Starting off as a new player can be challenging. You're rank (1)one in any faction that you choose. Factions of the server consist of (3)three ranks. Gaining higher ranks will depend on certain stats, such as kills, kill-streaks ect. Each faction has different perks that will help you obtain rank (3)three or the factions hidden rank. ((Only rank (3)three players have the ability to become a hidden rank.))

As you rise through the ranks of your faction, taking over turfs will become easier. Easy turfs means extra guns that you can sell or extra money to use towards your faction.

Ranking up!:
In order to rank up in a faction you must obtain the required amount of kills and KDR, in that order. So, if it takes 400 kills and a 5.5KDR to rank up and you have 401 kills and a 3.4 KDR. You'll need the 5.5 KDR before you can rank up. After rank up, your KDR won't matter until you go for rank 2, 3 ect.

Hidden Ranks!:
Hidden ranks will happen at random, factions will have set stats and achievements that will make you eligible for a hidden rank. There may only be one player as the hidden rank for each faction.
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World-TDM: The Basics
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